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This document is intended to explain the default configuration of the HTTP server, and lead you through accessing and updating your WWW site. This document is also intended to give technical staff members a better understanding of the configuration of the HTTP server. It also contains information that will be useful to those staff members who will be updating the contents of your WWW site.

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Additional help and support
The configuration of your server
Usage reporting
Server specifics
Frequently asked questions

Additional help and support

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The configuration of the server

The StrongHold Web Server (Apache) has been chosen as our standard for HTTP server software. The server has received the standard configuration, designed to support the common needs of our clients without sacrificing security.

This configuration includes the following:

index.html, index.htm, or index.shtml

That is, if a user tries to access your site and only provides a name of a subdirectory, (for example, http://www.mycorp.com/products) the server will look for one of these files in that directory. Also, if you have more than one of these files (that is, you have both an index.html and index.htm file) it will look for the files in the order they have been listed. In our example, the server would display index.html because it has precedence.

Usage reporting

As part of your hosting subscription, you have the ability to view reports concerning how often customers are visiting your web site. Each time someone accesses your web site, the web server records who visited your site, when they visited the site, and what they viewed. This information is available through a monthly email.

The last 90 days of usage history is maintained for your use. You will only receive stats if your web site has had more than 20 hits per month. Stats will be sent out on the first of every month.

The entry-level reporting option included with your subscription contains the following information:

  1. Total number of unique visitors
  2. Total number of visits, including multiple visits by unique visitors
  3. Total number of page hits - offers the option of viewing the results by URL or by the files title
  4. Total number of hits
  5. Day -by-day breakdown of visits, page hits, and total hits
  6. Average number of pages hit by each visitor
  7. Average number of visitors accessing your site each day
  8. Average number of page hits per day
  9. Average number of total hits per day
  10. A list and hit count of files excluded from the report (see filters)
  11. A list of error codes listed by name and frequency

Additional reporting options are available to Presence customers only on a fee for service basis. The basic options available include:

  1. Average number of total hits per hour
  2. Average percentage of total hits per hour
  3. The most frequent "x" visitor who have accessed "your site" with at least "y" hits
  4. The most frequent "x" files that were accessed at least "y" times on "your site"
  5. Reports outlining any problem areas or fields within your site that generate http errors

Server specifics

Hardware:               Sun Enterprise Ultra2
Operating system:    Solaris 2.6
Web server:             StrongHold Web Server 2.4.2
Perl version:             5
RealServer version:  7

Frequently asked questions

Q. What programming languages are being used?
A. The customer can use various programming languages. For portability, perl 5 is the recommended language.

Q. Does the production machine have an ANSI C compiler?
A. No compilers are to be installed on any production machines.

Q. Are there any special or obvious machine/coding/application restrictions?
A. Only FTP and HTTP access to servers.

Q. Are there any security policies?
A. All CGI scripts/programs must be pre-approved before being installed. Note that CGI's are only available with Presence packages.

Q. Are there any access restrictions?
A. No telnet access is allowed to the any of the production servers.

Q. What is the webserver and version? Are we required to install/configure?
A. StrongHold Web Server (Apache) version 2.42. The configuration of the Web Server is done by the system administrator of the server.

Q. Is there a required HTML document root directory?
A. /data/www##/$username/html, where username is usually the customers FTP username to connect to the server.

Q. Is there a required cgi-bin root directory?
A. Global cgi: /data/www/cgi-bin, all Presence customers have access to CGIs in this directory, which include: counter, search engine, and web-to-email form. (Please note the customer must contact the helpdesk to use the counter application)

Local cgi: /data/www/$username/local-cgi, all customers that have requested that we pre-approve some of their CGI scripts will be automatically setup with a local-cgi directory. Customers do not have direct access to this directory so all scripts must pass through the system administrator before they can be installed. This service is only available to our Presence customers

Q. What is the default directory display file?
A. Index.html,index.htm,index.shtml (in that order).

Q. What is the default cgi file extension?
A. .pl or .cgi are acceptable.

Q. Is the web server shared by other resources?
A. Yes, it is shared by other customers.

Q. Can the web server be configured for PHP?
A. No.

Q. Would a FastCGI add-on be allowed on the web server?
A. No.

Q. The specs for the server indicate that "the non-executable functions of Server Side Includes (SSI) have been activated.". Can executable functions also be enabled for this site?
A. No. Read this for more information:
http://www.w3.org/Security/faq/wwwsf2.html#Q10. SSI's are only available to our Presence customers

Q. What is the default umask for permission settings of new files on the server?
A. The default umask is 027, which translates to permissions of 750.

Q. Can an NSAPI plug-in be added to the web server?
A. No.

Q. Would a standalone Java CGI application be possible?
A. Yes, after being reviewed by the technical staff.

Q. Does NBTel have a preferred development server?
A. We would prefer that development be done on a server that closely resembles ours to avoid any portability problems but we understand that not all developers would have access to a Sun SPARC machine with the Sun Solaris OS that is running the StrongHold WebServer 2.4.2

Q. What limits are there on diskspace?
A. You can purchase as much space as you require with Presence packages.

Q. To ensure secure transactions on the site, would it be possible to run the site with an encryption level of 40-bit SSL?
A. Yes. We also support 128-bit encryption for secure transactions however be aware that end users may have to upgrade their browsers to use the encryption